Does your child have challenging behaviour?
Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and isolated?
Use resources that can help manage unwanted behaviour that causes havoc at home.
  • Meltdowns - Plan ahead and avoid unwanted tantrums
  • Bedtime battles - How to help your child by ensuring they take responsibility
  • Homework headaches - Reward completed work by visually showing what motivating activity will come next
  • Emotional Health - Build up self-esteem and well- being by nagging less and promoting independence
  • Social situations - Have fewer meltdowns as the day ahead will be clearly displayed and he'll know what to expect
Exclusive Visual Timetable Kit specifically designed for our special children. 
Just for the tiny investment of £3.95 to cover postage
My name is Soli and I am passionate about helping families create a calm and happy home life.
I am an Assistant SENCo with 30 years experience and my son has ADHD
Soli is really easy to talk to and has so much knowledge and experience that it is a conversation really worth investing in .
She can help with really practical advice and had knowledge of areas that are hard to access.
Highly recommended.
Kate - Parent
Soli was so helpful and understanding and gave me some great advice to help me deal with my toddlers challenging behaviour. She was knowledgable and non-judgmental and gave me the confidence to take her advice and put it into practice with great results!
Sophie - Parent
After speaking to Soli on the phone, I went to the meeting and so glad I did. What a lovely lady Soli is, so understanding, professional and fun.  I felt comfortable with Soli and everyone else from the word go and wish we could meet up at least twice a week! Can't wait until next time.  Thank you Soli
Louise - Parent
Thank you so much for your much needed advice and support. I really do appreciate your understanding and experience.
Knowing you are on board has made it much easier
It's kind of lifted a weight off my mind a little!
Sairah - Parent
The way in which Soli champions our kids is inspiring.
She able to offer realistic approaches and practical, achievable
suggestions for parents struggling to ensure that their children are successful and have a
positive experience of school
Bozena - Autism advisor
Your information is 100% secure and I never share it with any 3rd party - because that's just rude and not the kinda girl I am
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